Humic Amino Shiny Ball

Humic Amino Shiny Ball

Doses:- 2.5 kg/per acre

Application:- soil conditioner

Usage:- spread in soil with mix with other fertilizer or alone at time of plant transpalant and for better result use 15/20 days interval in one crop in twise

Crop recommanded:- cotton, paddy, wheate, maize( makka),sugarcan,  all vegetables and fruits, soyabean, and all other crop


  • Root development and high growth
  • Its improves the fertility and water retension capacity of soil
  • Provide nutritional support to plant at critical stages of growth and enhance quality
  • Improved fertilizer usage efficiency
  • Improved crop quality
  • Improved soil quality and make it soft
  • Improve the plant quality and giving high growth
  • Increased resistance to environment stress and pests.
  • Compatible with fertilizer and pesticides
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
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