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Bio-Fertilizers are used to restore normal fertility to the soil to make it biologically alive while boosting the amount of organic matter and improve soil texture and structure. The soil, which further gets enhanced, ensures the better water-holding property of the same. Volkschem Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. – one of the eminent Bio Fertilizer Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has different fertilizers, Pesticides and other agricultural products to meet various customer demands.

Benefits Of Using Our Bio Fertilizers:

  • Adds valuable nutrients to the soil, mainly nitrogen, vitamins and protein
  • Enhance soil texture and structure and let it hold more water than before
  • Helps to restore normal fertility and make it biologically alive
  • These are very cost-effective and perform well as per the need
  • Mobilize nutrients that favour the development of biological activities in soils
  • Improve organic matter in the soil and meet varied needs

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You can freely place your bulk orders, as we have the right capabilities and resources to meet the same without any delays. As one of the noted Bio Fertilizers Exporters and Suppliers in India, we provide timely and safe transportation without any delays. Send your enquiry from the website or dial our number to know more.

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